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The Real Deal

Read our musings on the issues of the day, the ones that have captured our imaginations and the ones that we feel could benefit from the art of negotiation.

7 Deadly Sins of Negotiation Preparation

Stephen White - Chairman, Scotwork

Salary Negotiation Tips

Chris Mitchell - Director, Scotwork UK

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Saving Face

I read a hilarious story recently about a guy who got into an argument with a supermarket when he tried to secure a refund on an opened tray of diced butternut squash because when he bought it, he’d thought it was cheese. The author of the story was standing in line at the grocery store behind our brave Cheese Connoisseur, tweeting updates in real time as this guy dug himself deeper and deeper into a hole. He was determined to get a $2.97 refund on the tray, which...

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